Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things seen carried on a xe

The primary mode of transport in the cities of Vietnam is the xe, or 125-150cc motorbike (rather small). They're used to carry everything, apparently. We've seen on one xe:

a refrigerator

9 kegs of beer

5 people

a very large flat-screen television (twice)

12ft pieces of PVC pipe

bales of straw

a wire cage full to the top of puppies (really didn't want to know their destiny)

two adults, the driver balancing a large tray of donuts

baskets and flats of hundreds of eggs

a double mattress

a large, square mirror between the driver and passenger

various windows and doors

a glass cabinet

a mountain of fishtraps

a driver, two big westerners, and all their luggage (that would be us)

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