Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't get your panties in a twist.

When I said we are flying back on April 6th, what I meant to say was May 13th. Actually, we've decided that this is still fun, and since we don't have to be anywhere anytime soon, we will continue our travels to either Sumatra or Borneo (haven't decided which, but either way, I see orangutans potential in our future). We're in Kota Bharu right now, heading for the Perhentians (finally) tomorrow.

The lack of new photos on smugmug is because we have yet to find an internet cafe that is set up for uploading photos. We will add them when we can. As someone once said, "patience is a virgin."

And remember: it's good to be flexible.


  1. Dear Colin & Re,
    Just caught up reading your blog, been crazy busy and started thinking about you two off in paradise. Wish I was there! Yes the Palin spew is starting again, who ever thought this woman had a brain? Health reform (what they are calling it?) passed, but as usual does nothing for the citizenry right away, congress only passes immediate laws when it involves saving banks or insurance companies! LOL I think if you can find a way to stay over there for a couple of years and make enough to survive then you should seriously consider it. The economy here sucks, unemployment, real estate (resid. & comm) sucks, real income down, real inflation up (the govt. fudges the numbers). I don't really know what there is to come back for? My mom even wonders what is going to happen here in the US and often thinks the country has gone to hell in a handbag. If for no other good reason then you can probably eat much cheaper over there and better you should stay! At least you will be fat and happy and as Oscar Wilde said "eating well is the best revenge".

    Michael in St. Louis

  2. Yeah, we're pretty discouraged by the news from the states. I think they must be calling it "health reform" because three syllables is all many people can handle in one "tweet"- er thought. HA! One nice thing about traveling abroad is that it's much cheaper to purchase health insurance for travel than it is (and certainly will be even after the reform is put into effect)to purchase a policy at home. And as and added bonus, they'll ship my mortal remains home when that bus plows me over when I'm looking in the wrong direction at some shiny object that catches my eye!

    We are eating extremely well - if you were here, I'd weigh about 350 pounds- you are SUCH a bad influence when it comes to gustatory restraint, Michael!!!! (Remember our low country boil in Savannah?)