Friday, July 24, 2009

More preparartions

Re and I went to Portland last weekend to shop for more travel stuff. The REI staff is starting to know our names by now. Originally, we were going to get backpacks for the trip but since we will largely be using our packs to travel from one place to another (as opposed to living with them on our backs) we decided instead to go with travel packs. We got Eagle Creek "Thrive" packs, 75l for RE and 90l for me. They seem pretty slick and fit comfortably, the nice feature is that the straps can be zipped behind a panel when we aren't wearing them. We will see how they do on the road, hopefully we like them as well six months from now. We have also sent off for our Vietnamese visas and are awiting their return. We also wen't to Powell's and bought a couple new guidebooks and a map to Thailand, so we have been busy reading and planning for later in the trip.

Only one more week of work and then the US portion of our trip begins, we'll see you all soon.

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