Sunday, September 13, 2009

Utah, who knew? Part III

After the Salt Flats, we headed south to Bryce Canyon National Park to continue our hiking and camping. We again had a great time and were totally gobsmacked by the scenery. The hoodoos and the red rocks are truly breathtaking. We also did some hiking, which was also breathtaking as the rim of the canyon is at about 8000 feet above sea level. The air is pretty thin and we were gasping for air at a couple of points on the ascents back up to the rim. The camping was a little chilly as well, due to the altitude. While the nighttime lows in Moab were in the 80s, the lows in Bryce were in the mid 40s!


  1. Way cool guys!! We all are living vicariously through you. keep sending the pics. Great shots.

    Rog and Jer

  2. Your photography is sensational. thanks for sharing.