Sunday, September 13, 2009

Utah, who knew?

On our way back from St. Louis, we decided to stop and do some camping and sightseeing in Moab, Utah.  We went to Arches National Park and couldn't believe how spectacular the scenery was.  We also got to do some great hiking and took some pictures, as well.  The only bummer about Moab was our trip to the local microbrewery, while the food was delicious we did encounter Utah's archaic liquor laws.  Even microbrews have to be 3.2 ABV...  I had a couple of delicious Porters, but they may as well have been root beers.  Sad.  But all in all we had such a good time that we decided to make a quick dash home and get some more appropriate camping gear (and some beer in the cooler). 

1 comment:

  1. I think you mean 3.2% ABW not ABV. A common missconception. If your measuring in ABV the beer your talking about would be 4.0%. Did you try Moab's Black IPA (8.59% abv)? or their Belgian Style Triple (10%abv)? They're quite good. Cheers!